Phỏng vấn du học Mỹ chưa bao giờ là dễ dàng đối với các bạn sinh viên vì ngoài các yếu tố về kiến thức của khóa học, các chuyên viên lãnh sự còn đòi hỏi kỹ năng trả lời câu hỏi, kỹ năng thuyết phục, đàm phán. 

Dưới đây là các câu hỏi thường gặp khi phỏng vấn du học Mỹ: 

 I. Personal information

Detail your educational qualifications and English language proficiency. Do you have proof of these?

What is your current study program? Do you have evidence of these?

Which subject do you study best? Which subject do you study worst? Have you participated in any extra-curricular activities?

Why don’t you study the course you are interested in Vietnam? Or Other country?

Have you ever applied for an American visa? Why weren’t you granted the visa? What do you have anything new to present for this time?

Do you have any relatives in the US? What do they do? What is the relationship?

Do you have relatives living in other countries? Why don’t you choose to study in that country?

Why do you speak Vietnamese to me instead of English?

I think your English is not enough for you to attend these courses in the US.

Why does your SLEP (or other test) result seem to be higher than your real English skills?

Which education agent helps with your application?

II. Knowledge about courses in USA

General knowledge:

What will you do if you go to USA? Why do you choose USA to study? What do you know about USA?

Why do you choose this city to study? What is the name of the airport? Where is it?

Who will pick you up at the airport? Where will you live? Who arranges your accommodation? How can you go to school? How far is it from your accommodation to school?

Do you have a guardian? What does he/she do? What is the relationship? Where does he/she live? How old? How many members is there in his/her family? How old? What do they do?

Course knowledge:

What is your study plan in the US? (Which school? Where? What will you study? How long?) Why do you register the courses to that duration and contents?What are the subjects at school?

What is your living cost in USA? What is included? Are you planning to work in the US?

What will you do during the gap between two courses?

What subject will you study in school?

Why do you choose this major?

What are you going to do when you finish your study?

Which elements do you think you can use to convince me that you will return to Vietnam after finishing your study in the US?

Knowledge about institutions:

Why do you choose this institution? Who registers these courses for you?

Where is the institution? What programs does it have? How many students are there? Do you know anyone in this institution?

How can you know about this school?

How can you get I-20

How long do you want to study in USA

What city will you arrive in?

  1. Details of finance

Who will pay for your study in USA?

What are your parent’s jobs? In the past?

How many members are there in your family? What are they doing? Is there any person in your family currently studying in the US or other countries? Which school? His/her study’s result?

How much will your parents give you a month when you live in USA?

Did your parents travel?

Do they have a car?

Who will financially support you? Details of financial support? Relevant documents? If your parents are business owners, please tell me their monthly income, monthly expenses, and how many employees there are in the company? Etc.

How can you demonstrate your parents’ income is high whereas their tax payment is low? Why aren’t the documents certified?

Why do you deposit just this amount (eg VND 365,000,000… depending on the real amount)?

Why do you deposit money in the bank just a short time before the interview? Why do you have term deposit (or why deposit for 3 – 6 months…)?

Please prove to me how your finance could be sufficient to meet expenses of the time you study in USA.

Are these documents fraudulent?

  1. Question relating to Visa

What will you do if I said that you are not qualified for a visa

What will you do if your sponsor is run out of money and cannot afford your study well?

Do you intend to work in USA

Why do you think I should give you a visa

What difficulty do you think you may encounter in the US?

What do you want to become after graduation?

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